Dear World,
In 10 days we will be taking the stage of Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery for our first US show of the season.
We will be sharing the evening with our good friends Little Sur, whose fantastic new record is now available on the digital airwaves.
Presale tickets for the show are disappearing - grab yours on Cameo’s website while you still can. 


Much love,

Del Water Gap

Thank you Tisch Class of 2018!

Welcome to life under the Meal Plan.

Much Love,

Del Water Gap

PHOTO: Michelle Kim (Le Poisson Rouge)

Last week, The Waster caught up with Del Water Gap’s S. Holden Jaffe about the life abroad, the origins of the band name, and the trio’s recent release, Sleeping (Extended Play)over Skype. 

While an exact transcript of their cyber date has not been published to the general public, you can read a well-crafted summary by Nick Hodgins on the publication’s website.


Eliza came to our Vassar show this spring. She went so hard that something happened to her hair. You can see it pictured above. 

Sorry Eliza. 

Blue skies and black T’s, somewhere warmer than here.